Friday, January 30, 2009

Leane Rimes

Last night was the Leane Rimes concert. We have this brand new arena here in town and it is just beautiful. This was the first "big name" concert so it attracted a lot of people. It was pretty fun. We had some friends of us hook us up with some tickets and we sat fairly close to the stage. She put on a great concert!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday already??? What a week. Monday was a holiday so the kids and I went to the play gym. It has been quite awhile since we have done this. I think they really enjoyed it. I pretty much didn't see the older two the whole time, they were too busy running around. Cate and I hung out mostly on the swing. She was a little unsure of all the chaos. The rest of the week consisted of my hubby working a TON of overtime so I got to play single mom. I had some help (thanks grandparents!) and for that I am always so grateful for. Weeks like this make me appreciate my husband. I don't realize how much he pitches in at home until he is not around! WOW!
So he was off making me some good money so I of course got to work spending it for him. We are going to Vegas baby!! I am super excited. It is our first time to Las Vegas. I am not exactly sure what we are going to do when we get there, probably a little of everything. We are going with another couple so it should be lots of fun.
Anyways, I better run. It is my long work week. I am sick. My voice is shot and I am tired and cranky!

Friday, January 16, 2009

How can one little boy melt my heart so?

To help set the scene. It has been a busy day. Kids were screaming, wild and a bit needy. To top it off I had an extra kid as well. Emilee had a play date. I spent the day cleaning. Before I know it the clock says 4:40, I am suppose to be ready for dinner with my hubby by 5:00. I rush to get ready. I scramble out the door to the Eric and the kids awaiting in the truck. I plop inside and hear.....

"Oh mommy, you look so beautiful tonight".

Eric assured me he didn't set him up to say that, and then my heart melted.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My New Flip!

I don't think I have shared about my new Christmas present. Eric bought me this adorable digital camcorder. It is so small and cute, and better yet... simple to use. I have had it for a week or so and haven't really had anything to record but I just couldn't wait any longer to post a video so we played around and made a couple of goofy videos. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Introduction of a BIG GIRL BED!

"What did you do to my crib?"
"I am not to sure about this mom!"

"Okay, maybe this isn't so bad"

"Wait! Your going to leave me in here?"

"Forget this! I'm out of here"

" I dare you to stop me."

Great story?? Maybe the first time, but by the third or fourth time I was having serious doubts about making the transition from crib to big girl bed. She did just fine though. Finally fell asleep, never fell out and all it fine today. Well... I did wake up at 6:15 AM to this horrible sound of something pounding. I asked Eric to go check on the mystery noise. It was my little angel pounding on her door! Next step, explaining the concept of SLEEPING IN on the weekends.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Years!

We are back from Idaho! The already long 4 hour trip turned into a even longer, more miserable 7 hour drive due to snow. It was a terrible trip home. Very strong gust of wind blowing snow over the roadway. It was crazy! It is good to be home.