Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sweet Innocence

More pictures from our little photo shoot......

Monday, April 28, 2008

My Littlest Cowboy

These are a few photos I took a couple of days ago at Ohme Gardens. I never did write about that whole experience so let me just fill you in real quick. CHAOS! The kids were so excited about the park they ran up and down the trails. In their excitement there was little or no time to pose for a picture, silly me for even suggesting such a thing. My sister and I tried our hardest though. I took 111 pictures that day and there are probably two group photos that are frame worthy. With five kids in a photo it is nearly impossible to get them all smiling, no silly faces, no eyes closed and no fingers up their noses. It was a lot of fun, I enjoyed the challenge and would do it again in a heart beat. I will post some of the better shots in the next day or so. Just to keep all my readers in suspense. Hee Hee.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

While the parents are away....

Eric and I had a wonderful trip to beautiful Prosser for their annual wine tasting festival. While we were gone the kids hung out with Grandma and Grandpa. My dad took these pictures, I thought they were great!

All dressed up for church with his red mohawk!
What a beautiful spring day. Emilee wearing shorts!!!

A picnic at the park.

The kids watching the Apple Blossom parade.

Such a good big brother.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Here I am!!!

I finally have a second to sit and write a bit. I am not sure what happened but that last week or so has been BUSY. It seems from the minute I wake up we are on the move. It was my long work week. By long I mean my five day work week but it was also long in the sense that it was busy. Warmer weather usually means busier nights on graveyard. Apple Blossom festival starts this weekend which is always fun. The carnival, the food fair, the parades and at work an abundance of runaway juvenile reports, warrants and who knows what else. Enough about work though. I was tagged by Rebekah, a fellow dispatcher at Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe. The topic is 7 random facts about me. That is always fun but I have done something like that not too long ago so I am going to put a twist on it and do 7 random things I am excited about today. I hope that is okay Rebekah! Here we go:

1. I just bought a new pair of cowboy boots that I am pretty excited about. They are a little on the wild side but they are ALL ME!

2. My sister and I are heading to a beautiful park today to take photos of the kids together. All the "grand kids". I am very excited about that so you will have to check back to see the results.

3. Eric and I are going to a wine tasting festival in Prosser. We are going with a big group of friends so things are bound to get crazy!

4. I have lost three pounds so far on Weight Watchers. That is kind of a rough estimate because my scale is awful and never consistent.

5. I am in the process of becoming a Home Interiors consultant. Don't worry all my three friends I won't hit you up to buy my products or host a party. To be quite honest I am doing it for very selfish reasons and that being for the great discount that consultants get. I have a lot of house that needs decorating and what can I say, I am cheap!

6. The weather is beautiful today. I hear a rumor that this weekend is suppose to be in the low 70's???

7. I am excited I finally was able to post something. I have been feeling like a slacker lately.

So there you have it, I hope it is not another week before I can post something else. But for now I have a small mountain of laundry that needs to be done. So see ya.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snow, work and the long road to weight loss....

"Awww mom, no more kisses"

Cody and Trent with their gold highlights! Aren't they cute!

What a weird weekend. It snowed! It is mid April and we have snow. Most of it melted, and the sun was shining so all in all a good weekend. It is my work weekend. It was a busy Saturday night. I had extra deputies on doing a DUI emphasis and a burglary in progress. It was busy but time went by quickly. I am working with another co-worker of mine on doing a job share. There are a lot of issues to work out, but if it works out I would be only working 20-25 hrs a week and I wouldn't have to put the kids in daycare. I would save a fortune!!! Lets see what else, I started Weight Watchers this weekend. I AM STARVING! But they say no pain no gain right? I will adjust, I am sure after I get the hang of counting points I will find foods that fill me up, then life will be better for me. That's about it. Basically just sleeping and working, that's the life of a graveyarder!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Meet Simon!

The kids got a new turtle today from their Grandma Cheryl. They named him Simon. He will be staying outside in our pond, well that is if Emilee doesn't sneak him into her bedroom. She has already tried once. She insist that she can keep it in a shoe box in her room and she will feed it grass. Oh Lord help us, I just know next time I go to clean her room I will find a dead turtle.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


This kids cracks me up. He can get me so fired up frustrated one minute of the day and then in the next minute he will say something to make my heart just melt. What an age! Three year olds apparently need no help what so ever, even if it means it takes an hour and a half to get ready in he mornings. Also, I am not sure if you knew this or not but three year olds know everything. It's true, just as Cody. He has an arguement for everything. Oh by the way.........

The Mohawk is back!!!!!

Nice nostril shot!
Pink hair on my boy. I know I already heard about it from my husband. We ran out of blue color and a plain mohawk just wouldn't do so pink it was!

Spring Photos

I did a little, I must emphasize little gardening. I love spring flowers. The bright beautiful colors are so nice to look at after a drab and dreary winter.

I did a little, I must emphasize little gardening. I love spring flowers. The bright beautiful colors are so nice to look at after a drab and dreary winter.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekly Wentworth Update!

So a quick update in the ever changing drama of our household. My parents are staying with us. The kids adore having them here. Emilee was sitting at the the table the other night and she said, " I finally have a nanny!" Not exactly, but they are nice to have around. They are beginning the long process of rebuilding after the fire. It is very overwhelming, the thought of replacing EVERYTHING. I can't help but think it would be somewhat fun getting to buy all new stuff with the insurance companies money. I highly doubt they are finding it fun but maybe. Soccer season has started up again for the spring. Emilee had her first game on Wednesday. I may be a little bias but she did awesome. They don't keep score for the younger kids but..... I do. She scored 7 points!!!! Okay, enough bragging, I am sorry. Caitlyn has changed drastically in the last week. She went from my quiet baby who would gladly sit in her bouncer and watch her surroundings to an animal! She is into everything and everything is in her mouth. I had forgotten how exhausting this age is. It is fun though. She is so proud of herself when she discovers new things.
Cody is re cooping from all the drama of the fire. He is super jumpy. Everything that sounds remotely like a fire alarm will send him into a panic. He is quick to talk about what happened though. He will tell anyone who listens to him about how Grandpas house exploded! That's about it. I am on days off so hopefully I can venture out and get some great spring time photos. Things are starting to bloom around here so I can't wait to go explore.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

99 Balloons

Anybody feel like a good cry? My dad sent this to me awhile back.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eight Life Questions

flickr photo

My sister tagged me for the meme, the title of this one is: Life Questions so here it is.

What is the best part about your life right now?

My kids, they mean the world to me. They bring me such joy, love, and a whole lot of stress. I can't imagine life without them.

What do you think the best part about the near future will be?

Summer time. Simple yes, but summer brings so much joy and laughter. I love the thought of just sitting on my back porch in the warm sunshine watching the kids run wild in the backyard.

What are you most afraid of?

Losing my kids. I have always feared something happening to my kids but the events of the last week have made it so much more real in my mind that bad things can happen at any time.

What are you a little worried about?

I worry about my parents, the months to come and the whole process of rebuilding. That is a lot of stress for them.

What do you dream of?
Big dreams- I guess I would like to go back to school someday. I would like to be a teacher someday. Superficial dreams- An endless bank account, and a closet full of designer handbags and shoes!

Who do you trust most to share these things with?
I have a big mouth and rarely know when to stop sharing things, so I guess I trust everyone one cares to listen/read!

What questions do you have?
Will I ever feel like I really know what I am doing in life?

What skills can you share?
See previous question, I am still a work in progress!

Charlie bit my finger - again !

Just a silly little video that reminded me of my own kids. Enjoy!

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Job Hits Home, Literally.

Well, what a day! It started out fairly normal. I drove my kids to my parents house for our weekly visit. My mom and I decided to go to a antique mall in a nearby city. My dad agreed to watch my older two kids and we headed out. About and hour into shopping my dad called and said we better get back to the house, there had been a fire. He played it off as if just the back porch area had caught on fire. I knew my dad downplayed things quite often so I called my work and they advised me the house was fully engulfed. What a strange feeling. I deal with stuff on a daily basis but when you are standing in front of your childhood home it is so totally different. I am so fortunate my kids got out safely. Even sitting here writing this all the "what ifs" go through my head. I can't imagine all the possible scenarios. Here is what the local paper had to write about it. Click Here. They are much better writers than me. Also check out my sisters blog, she has some great pictures.

Cody's Photo Shoot

Cody's photo shoot was slightly more difficult. He gave me a little more attitude than Caitlyn did. I am not one to force them to poise so basically I just followed him around hoping to get a good shot. Click here for a few more.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Caitlyn's photo shoot

The photography bug bit me but I knew better than try to take photos of all three kids in one day. So one at a time. Caitlyn first. We will see who is in a good mood tomorrow and who doesn't have a kool-aid stained face or cat scratches.

And lastly, my favorite.....

Check out the Caitlyn Gallery. Click Here

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Warning... This post has no real value.

This post is purely for self gratification. Well, maybe a little to prove to my husband that I didn't sit on the laptop and eat bom boms all day. I wanted to get a little spring cleaning done but was having the hardest time getting motivated. I thought maybe taking before and after photos would help me get going. Like I said, this post will have no real value to anybody reading so go ahead and exit now, look away, GO. I really don't want you to see how bad my house looked before. Well obviously I don't care that much or I wouldn't have posted it. Look if you want just don't judge me to harshly.

The kids wanted to play to:


Home At Last!

Our little family vacation may have only been an overnight trip but it felt like we were gone a week. Small and simple is the way to go while the kids are as young as they are, anything more would have been very overwhelming. You will be disappointed with this post because I don't have my usual large amount of photos. Between carrying my purse, diaper bags, a baby in the front pack and pushing a stroller, the camera was often the last thing on my mind. Eric took a few but other than that you will have to use your imagination.
We started the trip off trekking over the snowy passes. It's weird, it has been warm for weeks now and then the last couple of days before we left.... winter again. We did fine on the drive over, one pass was closed for avalanche control but we were able to take the other one. We arrived in Seattle and the weather was crisp and cool but it wasn't raining! We took the kids to the Children's Museum. It was a lot of fun for the kids. They ran through the whole thing in less than 30 min, but then we went back through and took our time.
Next, we went to our motel and let the kids swim in the indoor pool. The kids will tell you this was their favorite part of the trip. They probably swam for a good two hours. Then it was off to dinner.
We took them to the Rain Forest Cafe. What a cool restaurant. The entire place is elaborately decorated to look like a jungle, there are life size animals that move around and make noises. Even a thunder storm every 10 min that makes the animals go crazy. Cody was scared of the animals so he sat like a deer in the headlights the whole time. I think it was the quietest dinner we have had in a long time. They sat us next to the gorillas. There were five gorillas and all were different sizes. Emilee got the bright idea that the gorillas represented each one of us. She pointed to the one that was closest to us and said "Mommy that one is you because it has little boobies".
The whole experience of sleeping in one motel room with all three kids was not a good one. Caitlyn had a crib but she wouldn't sleep in it. She cried all night long! They only had a room with one king size bed so we had the whole family squished together, kinda like we are trying to avoid at home!!!
Monday we went to Northwest Trek. The kids had the option of the zoo or the trek. They chose the trek and I am glad they did, it was so much fun! We walked the nature trails and saw all animals that are found here in the Northwest. We saw cougars, foxes, coyotes, bears, owls, eagles and so many more. They have a tram ride that will drive you around the 500 acre property and point out a lot of the animals. We had a moose walk right in front of the tram! The weather was cold, completely sunny but it snowed on us. The kids didn't seem to mind. Here are few pictures. Click Here.
We took of back over the mountains stopping at MY favorite place, the outlet mall. I got my growing kids some new clothes for some great prices and even treated myself to a new spring purse. So today we are back, trying to re coop. The kids are happy to be home, are even kind of keeping to themselves. Time to tackle my spring cleaning!