Friday, April 4, 2008

My Job Hits Home, Literally.

Well, what a day! It started out fairly normal. I drove my kids to my parents house for our weekly visit. My mom and I decided to go to a antique mall in a nearby city. My dad agreed to watch my older two kids and we headed out. About and hour into shopping my dad called and said we better get back to the house, there had been a fire. He played it off as if just the back porch area had caught on fire. I knew my dad downplayed things quite often so I called my work and they advised me the house was fully engulfed. What a strange feeling. I deal with stuff on a daily basis but when you are standing in front of your childhood home it is so totally different. I am so fortunate my kids got out safely. Even sitting here writing this all the "what ifs" go through my head. I can't imagine all the possible scenarios. Here is what the local paper had to write about it. Click Here. They are much better writers than me. Also check out my sisters blog, she has some great pictures.


Li'l Foot's Mommy said...

Oh wow, I am so sorry about the fire. I am thankful your dad and the kids made it out of the house safe and sound though. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Rebekah said...

Wow, we had a house fire 2 1/2 years ago. It was at 4pm and we were all home (excpet Chuck, he had just went up to the fire house for a minute)

If it had happened while we were sleeping, I hate to think what would happen.

Anyway, I couldn't dial 911. I keep turning the phone off instead of on before I dialed.

I wont ramble on, you can read about it in my blog. I think its under Firedeparmtn.

Im glad you guys are ok. Keep us posted as to what goes on.

Rebekah said...

Ok, I left a few comments thinking the house fire was your house, but it was your parents. So disregard any comments that may not belong. :)

Rainey said...

Oh Dar, I am so glad the kids are okay. I heard about the fire at my MIL's house yesterday. Let me know if you need anything. R

Queen Mimi said...

I was devastated to read about this in last nights paper. I am Thankful that your kids and Dad are fine. I can only imagine what is going thru your mind. (the What ifs) But God was watching over your family. He has a plan for them and all of this.
I'm praying for you. God Bless and Comfort you Darci.