Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Super Hero Cody

My little super hero sporting his tighty whities.

So we are driving to school this morning and out of the blue Cody says " Before I was a super hero I used to be afraid of the thunder and lighting, I would have to sneak into your bed mommy. But now I am brave". I love that kid. He truly believes he has super powers. The funniest thing ever is to listen to his when he calls his cousin on the phone. He has to be super sneaky and go in the other room because they talk about super hero stuff- like saving the world. I wish I could record his conversations. It cracks me up. Super hero or not, he does have the power to melt my heart.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here I am!!!

Not my kid, but my photo. Cute huh!!

Hey ya'll. Checking in here. Let's see what new in the Wentworth household???? The weather has turned cold and the tribes are restless, already. It's gonna be a long winter. My kids have so much energy, summertime really fits us better. Mommy needs that outdoor play time. Oh well, fall is nice too. Halloween is approaching. We have found costumes for two of the three little goblins. This year we decided on Minnie Mouse and Alice in Wonderland. Cody says he wants to be a Engine Turtle. He is referring to the Ninja Turtle costume he saw in a magazine, he has never seen the show Ninja Turtles and the costume comes with a mask, I am certain he won't wear a mask so I am strongly trying to steer him in another direction. I would prefer he dress up in one of the many costumes that are laying on his bedroom floor that are already paid for.....
My parents come home today from their cruise to Mexico. We have had their car parked in our driveway since they left. Every time we come home from anywhere Caitlyn freaks out and gets so excited "Grandpas HERE!!!", then I have to explain for the 100Th time that its just his car. The kids have missed there grandparents a lot. They will be so excited to hear about the big boat.
Work has been same ol' same ol'. I had couple of pretty "big" calls last week that have weighed heavy on my mind. I had a child caller that was reporting something terrible, that always gets to me. The picture taking is going good, I am off to do Senior pics today. Should be cold!!! I have had lots of family pictures booked, but then canceled. Apparently everyone else has a hectic life like my family. I totally understand. I am excited to take on the challenge of photography my family this fall, as in my parents, my sister and her family and my small clan. That's a lot of bodies to get situated and looking at a camera all at the same time. Can't wait!!! Anyways, if your interested in looking at my photos swing over to my other site. Take care...