Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Partied Hard

Caitlyn had her second birthday party on Saturday. We had a such a wonderful time. We had plenty of nice guests, beautiful weather, a very special clown and a ton of laughs and smiles. I am so thankful for all of out wonderful family and friends that take the time to show up for a 2 year old birthday party. My littlest princess had a wonderful day and truly felt special and very well loved.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My littlest lineman.

It has been a crazy week. My grandma has been in the hospital. Many ups and downs with that whole situation. Today she had surgery on a mass they found in her colon. I haven't heard the outcome yet on that. This has been week one of having a sitter watch my older kids while I sleep. Yeah for sleep! It seems to be working out really well.

Cate is turning two this Saturday so I am throwing together a little shin dig for her. She is at such a fun age. Full of opinions that's for sure. Most of which we can't understand in her newly developing language. Check out her little photo shoot.

We are packing our bags and getting ready to get out of dodge. Time for the annual trip to Orofino to stay at the cabin. Our poor little camper that we have used all of three times is in not-so-good condition and is being left behind. Plan B is borrowing my brother in laws camper when we get there. Makes it a little harder to pack for a week long trip, Oh well, saves on gas at least. Anyways, hopefully I will have time to post some pics from the birthday party before we take off. If not, I will have those and a bunch more from Idaho when we return. See ya.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A new day!

Like Mommy,Like Son.
I got these beautiful flowers from Caitlyn (with help of daddy). They are so cheery!

AW WWW, I had a whole night of uninterrupted sleep last night. I feel so much better. It has been a challenging week. Let's just say that "Plan A" is out and "Plan B" is being implemented starting next week. We will have a sitter come and stay with the kids while I sleep for a few hours each day. Lesson learned.

I have the whole weekend off. I will probably spend some time with the dads for Fathers Day. Go check out the lineman rodeo at our Walla Walla point park, hopefully get the boat out and maybe to see a horse show at the Town Toyota Center. As for today, HOUSE CLEANING! I think a tornado touched down sometime last week. I didn't seem to notice at the time probably because my eyes were drooping so much from lack of sleep. Now that I am alert and conscious.... I need to get to work!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Children Are Angels....

Day one of our new summertime routine. Cody and Emilee are on summer break so the plan is they stay home...with me...attempting to sleep. I was doubtful that this plan would work, I even had begun working on plan B. Anyways, today was our first day. My husband kept the kids up nice and late so both kids were plenty sleepy this morning. I came home, crawled into bed at 5am, woke up at 9:30 to a very quiet house. I got up, saw that my children were playing nicely, had even fed themselves. I went back to bed, slept until 12:00 and woke up nice and refreshed. The kids had a wonderful afternoon complete with a water balloon fight. WOW. It worked. My kids are angels!! Now if only the rest of the summer goes this smoothly.....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Eric

We had a pretty low key celebration. I took the night off work, made a nice dinner and a cake. It was great. We are planning a "group" party this weekend with a few friends.
As you can see, the cake was a hit!