Monday, April 13, 2009


The cat seems to be fine. Emilee is loving playing nurse to the poor traumatized kitty.

Drama @ 7AM, the worst kind!

It's 7 AM and there is already a crisis at the Wentworth house. We woke up to our normal routine of trying to rush the kids out the door to daycare/school when we get a knock on the door. Now knocks on the door are usually bad in the middle of the night but 7 AM isn't usually a good sign either. My kids answer the door (apparently I need to have the conversation about not opening the door for strangers AGAIN!) and it is our neighbor, the new one I haven't met yet. My freshly rolled out of bed look was probably a great first impression but that is beside the point. Anyways, he said he saw out cat get hit not once,not twice but three times out on our busy street. He said she ran out back. Well running is a good sign so I went out back in hopes of finding her. She was hiding behind a bush and woudn't let us get her, NOT A GOOD SIGN. So I haul the kids off to school, Emilee is hysterical. She is going on and on about how she loves that cat and all the great things they did together. OH the drama! I remember being young and how I felt about my cat too so I totally sympathize. Now, a little background on this cat... It is a great cat. It is super friendly BUT it PEES! Therefore it is now strictly an outdoor cat. I come home and the open the back door and the cat runs into the house. She appears to be okay, but come on she was hit three times!!! She is now under the bed in my bedroom. The dilemma: Do I take this cat to the vet and spend lots of money on a cat that pees all over my house? Do I put the cat down and have to look at the faces of my poor heart broken kids? Or is there anything even wrong with the cat? I don't know!!! I will keep you all posted on what happens. TO BE CONTINUED!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Okay, they may not LOOK happy but trust me, we had a great Easter! We got off to a rocky beginning. Cody needed a haircut so that ordeal always ends up poorly. Then it was a scramble to get the family dressed, fed and out the door in time for church. We made it!!!!

See they are happy!

Sweet sisters.

Awwwww, they love each other!

Cate with her usual "serious look".
My beautiful Emilee.

A little silliness on the way to church.

"Oh, I am cute"

"Lets go already! I have eggs to find"

Egg hunt, part II.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ava, Soccer and Easter.....

It's been awhile since I posted anything. Things have been busy. So this is the longest post EVER! Well probably not, but there are a ton of pictures I wanted to share so here goes. First being little baby Ava's 7 month pictures. As usual she was a doll to photograph. I was a little worried about this shoot because I shot it on about 4-5 hours of sleep. It has been a hectic week at work and I just didn't have much time to prepare. Somehow we lucked out and got some amazing shots. She is just so cute!

Next, it has been soccer, soccer and more soccer. It is crazy having two kids playing. I can't imagine what we are going to do when Cate is old enough. Both kids are doing great and having a lot of fun. Luckily the weather has warmed up a but so we aren't freezing our heinies off on the sidelines.

Lastly, we had a hugely successful Easter party today. We did the egg dying, and the egg hunt. The kids had beautiful weather for playing outside and I think everyone had a great time. What a bunch of fun kids.

Didn't get enough picures??? Here are the complete albums of each event. Enjoy.
AVA 7 Months

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another day in paradise

The kids and I are enjoying our spring break. Mostly doing NOTHING! I love it. We did make a little trip out to Cashmere to visit the Pioneer museum, and also the Applets and Cotlets factory. The kids were a little disappointed the factory wasn't making candy today, must be the bad economy :) Eric is chugging away on our bathroom remodel. We may complete this project in under a year!!!! The walls are torn out and so the real work is ahead of us now. I am excited to have my shower back. Tomorrow agenda..... maybe some retail therapy?? Friday is the hockey playoffs. That should be fun. I have squared away a sitter and it will be a date night for Eric and I.