Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April Already??? Really?!?!

My blossoming photographer friend (Nicole Conner) took these pictures of me, it was kinda weird being on the other side of the of the camera for once. It was a great experience. I am not sure what to do with the pictures but maybe someday I will look back and be glad I had them done.

Oh my poor neglected blog.... Life seems to be going at a whirlwind pace lately. Work, kids, t-ball, horseback riding, an occasional workout, housework, house projects. You know the usual. It is spring break this week. I wasn't able to get the week off so it's kids home and mommy trying to sleep. It works out OK. Not ideal but hey it's only a week. While I slept today Emilee folded laundry, Cody mopped the floor. They are such sweet children, they really do try so hard to make me happy. Yesterday Cody surprised his big sister with breakfast in bed. Apple Jacks cereal, orange juice and a banana. He is so considerate. I love that about him.
I picked Caitlyn up today from daycare and she informed me that her best friend Ally was no longer her friend. Apparently Ally called Cailtyn a baby. I couldn't help but laugh a little, typical girl behavior. She is two and I am almost thirty and yet I can relate so well.
I have been busy getting home projects that have been neglected over the past two years caught up on. Lots and lots of painting, yard work and some deep cleaning. It's exhausting. Hoping the house will sparkle, and maybe attract a buyer if I decide to list it???
So that's the general gist of whats going on. At least all that is worth sharing. Pray for me. I seem to be stuck in a place in which nothing seems to be the right decision. It's rough but I am surrounded by love. What else matters right? K- I will check back a bitter sooner. I hope.