Monday, September 28, 2009


After a very trying and turbulent week-finally the weekend. It was a great weekend. Filled with deep conversations, light hearted moments and even some times when all inhibition's went out the window. What could be better? I have had a lot on my mind lately so I have been doing a little soul searching trying to figure out a few things about myself. I made some realizations this weekend about friends. There are so many differ ant levels of friendship and those levels can so quickly change. I have found that friends I considered my closest can turn your back on you in a split second. Friends that I was quick to judge I now have a greater understanding for. I have friends who are great listeners, friends who are quick to assume the worse about me, friends who will be there even when it is a little awkward for them, and friends who are no where to be found when the going gets tough. Friends that I have confided in, friends who feel they can confide in me. Friends I haven't talked to in years but feel like I nothing has changed. Friends who I talked to every day and I feel like I don't know them at all. Its tough to know where your friends fall on the wide spectra. Hmmmmm. a little deep for a Monday morning. But that's where I am. It's a new week. I look forward to what is to come.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My favorite photos of the week.

I have taken a TON of pics this last week. A TON! But these are my favorites. My beautiful girls, they melt my heart.
So its been a busy week. I have been in a funk. The sorta mood where if I write something on my blog I am certain I will look back and be totally embarrassed so.... For now just pics. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a whirl wind of a week. I am so thankful to have the kids back to school. We are back to some what of a normal routine again. I am in the middle of my long work week, a very slow,long, boring work week. It's Labor day weekend, I figured it would be busy at work and time would fly by. Not so much. The cold weather is the culprit. And what is up with this cold weather anyways? It feels like late fall not late summer. I did have two wonderful photo shoots last week. This whole photography thing is really taking off. I have four more this weekend! Anyways, check out these cuties....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School

Emilee is off to 2nd grade this year. She is excited to get to see her friends again. One of her best friends from kindergarten is in her class this year. She is most excited about moving up to the big kid playground.
Cody is starting school for the first time. He is excited. He is planning on having pizza from the cafeteria. He is most worried about not being about to read.

Even little Cate starts school today. She is starting preschool. The theme for the week is "All about me". She has her first show and tell today and she decided to take a Barbie doll.