Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Super Hero Cody

My little super hero sporting his tighty whities.

So we are driving to school this morning and out of the blue Cody says " Before I was a super hero I used to be afraid of the thunder and lighting, I would have to sneak into your bed mommy. But now I am brave". I love that kid. He truly believes he has super powers. The funniest thing ever is to listen to his when he calls his cousin on the phone. He has to be super sneaky and go in the other room because they talk about super hero stuff- like saving the world. I wish I could record his conversations. It cracks me up. Super hero or not, he does have the power to melt my heart.


Delena said...

I love it! How cute. And that picture will be great for bargaining when he's a teenager.

Dawn said...

Those conversations crack me up to. Trent does the same thing on this end...he goes into another room to talk, so that I can't listen in on the super hero plans.