Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekly Wentworth Update!

So a quick update in the ever changing drama of our household. My parents are staying with us. The kids adore having them here. Emilee was sitting at the the table the other night and she said, " I finally have a nanny!" Not exactly, but they are nice to have around. They are beginning the long process of rebuilding after the fire. It is very overwhelming, the thought of replacing EVERYTHING. I can't help but think it would be somewhat fun getting to buy all new stuff with the insurance companies money. I highly doubt they are finding it fun but maybe. Soccer season has started up again for the spring. Emilee had her first game on Wednesday. I may be a little bias but she did awesome. They don't keep score for the younger kids but..... I do. She scored 7 points!!!! Okay, enough bragging, I am sorry. Caitlyn has changed drastically in the last week. She went from my quiet baby who would gladly sit in her bouncer and watch her surroundings to an animal! She is into everything and everything is in her mouth. I had forgotten how exhausting this age is. It is fun though. She is so proud of herself when she discovers new things.
Cody is re cooping from all the drama of the fire. He is super jumpy. Everything that sounds remotely like a fire alarm will send him into a panic. He is quick to talk about what happened though. He will tell anyone who listens to him about how Grandpas house exploded! That's about it. I am on days off so hopefully I can venture out and get some great spring time photos. Things are starting to bloom around here so I can't wait to go explore.

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Dawn said...

Great job on the soccer game Emilee!