Thursday, April 17, 2008


This kids cracks me up. He can get me so fired up frustrated one minute of the day and then in the next minute he will say something to make my heart just melt. What an age! Three year olds apparently need no help what so ever, even if it means it takes an hour and a half to get ready in he mornings. Also, I am not sure if you knew this or not but three year olds know everything. It's true, just as Cody. He has an arguement for everything. Oh by the way.........

The Mohawk is back!!!!!

Nice nostril shot!
Pink hair on my boy. I know I already heard about it from my husband. We ran out of blue color and a plain mohawk just wouldn't do so pink it was!

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Delena said...

Love the 'hawk! I wonder if I could talk Ty into that. Cody sure does make one cute cowboy!