Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Update

I can't believe the weekend is over already. I had big plans for my four days off and then sickness fell over the Wentworth household. Eric was feeling crummy all weekend long. He was a good sport and tried to fake having fun but I could tell he wasn't up to full speed. Cody was a tad big under the weather, he wasn't admitting to being sick but he was a little sluggish as well. Saturday night was the big hockey game. We took the older two kids. They loved all the yelling and cheering. Cody pooped out about halfway through. Sunday we had a big Superbowl party planned. I almost canceled due to my boys being sick but we partied on. It was a full house. Lots of kids laughing and running around. Good food and even better company. I loved being able to spend time with some of my co-workers, outside of work. Fun, fun!


Delena said...

You're such die hard fans with the blue hair.

Rainey said...

Nice, you found the BEST picture of me!!! Thanks DW, we had a lot of fun :)