Monday, May 18, 2009

Soccer Season

We have wrapped up another season of soccer. My kids did so great, I am so proud of them. I saw improvements in both of them over the last couple of months. I will miss the games, the cheering and the many hours spent outdoors on the soccer fields but I am also LOVING the fact that I have a few extra moments in my day to say BLOG! The weather has been just beautiful, it looks like summer is quickly approaching. We are hoping to make our first camping trip this weekend. We aren't real organized in our planning so we may run into some problems with full campsites and all but we are hoping for the best. As for the rest of this week, its work ,work, work. See ya!

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Delena said...

Have fun on your campout. It marks the official start of summer. Hope you find a great spot! If not, come to Entiat. We have a great site, and we'll sleep in our trailer, too. ;)