Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am sad. I am feeling a ton of different emotions but that is all I can seem to express in writing....sadness. The recent tragedy in Lakewood, leaving 4 officers dead has really angered me, worried me but mostly just left me feeling....SAD. Anyways, nobody ever accused me of being great with words so I am following in my dads footsteps and made a little photo montage. I found this song that was written in memory of the 4 fallen officers. Ironically it was written by somebody I went to college with. It's a beautiful song. Enjoy.


Dawn said...

That's a beautiful tribute Darcie. I feel very sad about this to.

Dennis Hendricks said...

thanks, well done. It makes me mad that someone would do this and makes me mad that people would actually help this guy and never warn anyone about what he claimed he would do the folling day.

Kristin said...

That was neat. I am sad as well. I don't understand these things. As a parent I can not imagine what thier children are feeling, and as a spouse, I can not imagine the pain and anger they must be feeling. But most of all, simply as a human being, my heart aches.