Saturday, June 7, 2008

Silverwood, well almost.

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So our annual trip to Silverwood was rained out! Can you believe it? We drove over knowing the weather was going to be iffy, we woke up this morning and it was pouring. The kids were a bit disappointed but we tried to make the best of the situation. We went to the new Cabellas store in Post Falls. The kids were able to catch fish in a little pool turned fishing pond. They got there faces painted and shoot a virtual gun. It was pretty neat. Then we went to Chuck E Cheeses. The kids LOVED it. The games were just the right age for Cody and Emilee. They earned there tickets and happily turned them in for their junk, I mean prizes. Then we enjoyed a relaxing car ride home where we listened to the sound of Caitlyn screaming for two hours straight. All is quiet now, I am exhausted. Cody and Emilee did great at the motel last night, Caitlyn not so much. Good night y'all.


Rebekah said...

Sorry your trip wasn't what you expected.

We are supposed to go camping this weekend. Central Indiana had 10 inches of rain this weekend and a few counties are flooded out. I called the place where we are going camping and she said they are fine, no flooding there. Whew! I hope it stays that way

Amydeanne said...

you're making me want the wii fit! that looks like fun!

too bad about your trip.. though unfortunately I can relate too much to it! lol most of our rides turn out that way with someone screaming.. we're going to attempt a trip next month, hopefully it will be okay.