Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am still here. Life has been hectic. Soccer most every night of the week. The go go go is wearing on my kids. I have noticed a change in their attitudes. Oh well, just a couple of more weeks. I am really loving the change of seasons that is upon us. I LOVE fall. I even put the Halloween decorations up today. A little early, yes. But I couldn't help myself. Well I hate to post anything without a picture, but honestly I haven't had time to even get my camera out. I do hope to take some updated pictures of Caitlyn. The one on my wall is so out dated. Also, I would love to get some family pictures. I can't very well take them myself. Maybe I can, who knows. I don't trust many photographers. I am so picky. So we will see. More to come in the days to follow. Take care.

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