Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soccer Season Fall 2008

Here we go again. Soccer has started. I love it!!!! This year is a bit different, we have two little athletes. Twice the practices, twice the games and twice the fun!!! Oh and did I mention I am coaching. Well I say I am coaching but really my name is on the roster. Emilee's coach backed out and it was either step up or she didn't play. I volunteered knowing that my husband would see me struggle a bit and take over, and he did. He does so much better than I could ever do with the kids. I am good at the organizing, tying of soccer shoes, a little encouraging for the girls and checking on the skinned up knees, other than that I am pretty useless as a coach.

Game one was today. All went really well. Cody is a riot to watch. He had fun and maybe he will blossom as the season progresses but for now well.... he sure looks cute. Em did awesome, she has some real soccer talent (must be from her dad's gene pool). Her team is pretty good, I think they will do really well this season. Anyways,the soccer season has officially begun. So basically every single night of the week we have some sort of soccer activity. Oh well, its just a little over a month long. So if you don't hear from me for awhile I am out chasing a soccer ball. See ya.


Kim said...

Soccer season is pretty fun. We have just started again here too though I am glad that I didn't need to step up to coach. Don't know if I have even close to what it takes. Have a great season. I love seeing your family here!

Rebekah said...

My boys played soccer when they were younger. I sometimes miss it but I think Grace will be interested in playing.

Hope your kiddos score big this year