Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to life, back to reality.

Vacation was wonderful. It was a great little get-away. We were go-go-go the entire time. I am home now and I am feeling like I need another vacation just to recoup from my other vacation. No such luck though. It is back to work, back to running the kids around and back to house chores and other such non sense. The weather has turned beautiful. I think today was in the 50's! The kids start soccer soon so it will be really nice to have that much outside time. Well I just wanted to post a quick update, I have to head off to work in a few hours. I would have posted more pics but my Internet isn't running properly so uploading takes FOREVER! Hopefully that will be fixed soon. What is a blog without pictures???

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Delena said...

Looks like fun. Vegas is just one of those go-go-go cities. When Doug and I were there we were staying out til 1 and 2 am, and we weren't even doing anything, just walking around watching people.