Thursday, March 26, 2009

Soccer,Sunshine and a Sick Child. photo

So soccer season has officially begun. And again, I am thinking to myself "what did I get myself into?" Every night this week has consisted of waking up, getting the kids, feeding them, off to soccer practice, drop them off, off to work, home to sleep, then repeat. CRAZY. I must say it is fun to watch them play again. Both Emilee and Cody are a hoot on the soccer field. Cody's skills consist of screaming on the top of his lungs as he runs randomly around the field, paying no attention to the soccer ball, or the other players. Emilee on the other hand, looks as if she is bored to death. She will walk briskly, take the ball from another player and casually score a goal. No real enthusiasm but then again it is only practice, I am sure she is waiting for the "real stuff".

I am happy to report I am on vacation!!! YEAH! I took spring break off to spend time with the kiddos. We don't have anything real exciting planned, but I am hoping to make a trip to Seattle for a day or two. Maybe some gardening, who knows. The weather is beautiful today. I am threatening to go outside and enjoy it a bit but haven't had any sleep yet. Cate is home sick. Poor baby is CRANKY! Maybe I will just enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of my couch. Tootles for now!

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Delena said...

We're on springbreak, too. Yippee! Enjoy. And, I think you're crazy, too, for having two kids in soccer. We tried it last year (I think). I was so thankful when Ty decided he wanted to quit! He was about three or four weeks into it and I was trying to convince Doug to just let him quit b/c I couldn't handle it!