Sunday, January 31, 2010

Boo Boos and Tutus

Today was my day to snap some tutu shots for a friend of mine who is trying to get started in a home business. The plan was three little ones together for a few shots that would make beautiful marketing photos. Not so simple. We did get some great shots but it definitely wasn't as easy as we were hoping. It is taking A LOT of editing but we will have some beautiful ballerinas to show off.
I woke up this morning to find little drops of blood all over the kitchen. Of course I questioned the resident vampire and he was quick to say he was drinking blood last night. He of course was lying and I had to figure out where the blood truely had come from. It turns out our cat has some sort of bite. No good. Sunday morning would mean a very pricey vet bill so I called the next best thing, my nurse/mother in law. She came over and assured my very upset little Emilee that the cat would be fine.
Next, Caitlyn decides to take a tumble off the kitchen stool. Bloody lip, bloody nose. All is fine, but more drama! Geesh. What a day!

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