Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lazy Saturday!

Codys baking project. He was so excited about making a cake, he talked about it all week long.

Lazy Saturdays. Gotta love em! I woke up to breakfast in bed. Courtesy of my sweet Cody. I had the biggest bowl of Special K cereal I have ever seen. He is so sweet. After that I rolled out of bed to find a hurricane had touched down in my kitchen. I didn't know making mommy a bowl of cereal could create such a disaster but oh well. I clean that up and head out to tackle the leaves. Yes, it is almost February and I am still raking leaves. Not because I am lazy and never did it in the fall, but because the darn things are still falling. Now they are soggy and gross. Oh what fun. I raked and raked until my hands were bleeding from the blister I got. (Can you hear the violin playing in the background) Come on, this is my blog I can whine a bit. Leaves are picked up, dog doo doo is scooped. Children are fed and ready for "quiet time". Awwwww. My heart is happy! Tonight is hockey. We are making out first attempt at taking Caitlyn. Should be interesting. Eric is at the academy today, is suppose to get out early. We shall see. The weather is beautiful today. Sun is shining, warm enough for just a light jacket. Better go enjoy it. See ya!

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Rainey said...

mmmmm, hope it was as good as it looks! Reminds me of that birthday cake SH made! Fun to see you at the game, hope you got to enjoy today's weather too.

Love the new look!