Wednesday, October 17, 2007

7 Random Thoughts About..... Whatever!

  1. Cody's daycare had fire safety day today, The fireman came with the big truck, showed the kids his fire suit, turned the siren on. Cody was scared, and cried. But if you ask him he says " I wasn't crying I was saying Whooo Hooo".

  2. My house is the messiest is its ever been, laundry is piled up. I have no energy to do much about it. Graveyard is kicking my butt!!1

  3. Emilee has school pictures tomorrow, she insist she needs highlights. Where does she get this? She is five!!!!

  4. Caitlyn is finally adjusting to mommy being gone during the night, she is also trying really hard to sit up. Oh and she eats rice cereal too!

  5. Eric went hunting, didn't see a single moving animal, he was bummed out.

  6. My wedding ring is going to be finished tonight. Yup, I had to take it in again because it lost a stone, if your counting that is number 5 (in 9 months). If your in the market for jewelry call me, I will tell you where NOT to go.

  7. I discovered a new addiction of mine, Coconut Cream by Coffee Mate I am not sure how I stumbled upon it but its delicious. I drink two plus cups a day! Don't tell my dentist.


Dawn said...

Coconut cream coffee mate? You shouldn't have told me- that sounds so yummy.

The Lutz Family said...

Coconut cream coffee mate is my favorite! I found out about it last winter and I would add a little in with my cocoa also, it is so yummy!