Monday, October 22, 2007

What We Did This Weekend

Eric along with a group of the guys headed off to Spokane for a hockey game.

Mommy had the girls over for a "girl night". We had fun, everyone brought there kids, we ate mexican food and had a few margaritas. Good times.

We took the kids to meet Karrie and Devons new baby, Aubrey. They thought she was pretty neat. I am not sure they are going to like having to share the attention of their "Uncle Devon" though.

The kids had their picture taken. We did the Antiquities photos and it went pretty good. Emilee didn't appreciate being told what to wear but we manage to talk her into a pretty lace dress. Caitlyn drooled all over the dress they gave her, and Cody hammed it up. The photographer didn't even have to tell him how to pose, he did it all himself. (hhhhmmm maybe too much picture taking at home??)

Since Eric was out of town, I wasn't able to work friday night which is my regular shift so instead I worked saturday night. It was busy lots of stuff going, Oktoberfest kept me busy.

My dad offered to take the kids to church on Sunday morning, which I always appreciate. They had a good time, and even were treated to there favorite meal afterwards at McDonalds.

Eric was sweet enough to clean the house while I was getting a little sleep on sunday morning, he always does a great job. Normally his perfectionism gets on my nerves but in this case, its wonderful!!!

And finally we just spent a quite evening at home.

I have the next couple of days off so stop by, say hi, have some coffee, whatever!

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Dawn said...

Hi Darcie, I would love to stop by and say hi. This afternoon?