Thursday, November 15, 2007

Help Me!!!! I Need a Decorator!

So I my two days off were suppose to be productive, I had big plans. I was going to do some deep cleaning, paint Cody's room, rearrange the house,hang some pictures that have been sitting on my dresser for hum... three months. I did get the picture hung up on the wall finally but when it came to rearranging I bombed.

It all started with a new fireplace my mother-in-law gave us. The plan was to put it in the bedroom, how romantic right? Well, after sitting on my bed for probably 90 minutes looking around the room, I decided it just wasn't going to fit with the new bedroom set we bought a couple of months ago. Then I went to the living room and again, stood in the door way for another 90 minutes trying to figure out the perfect spot. After moving the room around three times, all furniture is back in its original spot and the fireplace is where Eric put it when he brought it home 4 days ago.

Whats a girl to do? I need help. That's the first step right, admitting that I have a problem? Anyways, if any of you local girls feel like helping me out, stop by and give me SOME ADVICE, better yet just do it for me will ya!


Dawn said...

I love the new fireplace. Is there room in the dining room or kitchen eating area? It's so cozy eating next to a fireplace.

Rainey said...

I'll trade you ... or we can work together on each-others projects. Dont act too quickly though, you still have Christmas to decorate for!