Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thankful... Part 2 photo

I am thankful for many things, most of which I mentioned in my last blog entry, but a left a few out. Here is the rest of the list......

Oh this should be fun. My coffee maker, especially the automatic start feature. Coffee Mate Creamer, Coconut Creme, French Vanilla and lovely Irish Cream, yum. Heated car seats, oh what joy! Microwave popcorn. Microwaves, can you believe there was ever life before microwaves? Flip flops, sweat suits, jeans that fit, designer purses and cowboy boots. Drive-thru anything, oh what a blessing to a mom of three! Text messaging, email, and blogs! Reality shows, less than realistic drama and anything in HD. Tivo! Fred Meyers play land, oh the peace and quite for one hour of grocery shopping! Indoor playground equipment at McDonald's, for those rainy days. Cody being able to finally buckle his own car seat, Cody being potty trained. Emilee being able to pick out her own clothes in the morning (and even match). Caitlyn being able to hold her own bottle, finally a free hand!! Eric for loving to vacuum. Rainy days, sunny days and even snowy days. Living in an area which we get to experience all four seasons, what a blessing! The fact that all three of my kids sleep through the night. The wee hours of the morning when one by one my kids end up in bed with me for snuggles. Hugs, kisses and hearing "Mommy, I need you!".

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