Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer Bike Fun

One of my co-workers knew I was looking for a bike for Cody. He found this one for free! Cody is thrilled. We stole the training wheels off of Ems bike. It seemed like a good idea the time but now not only am I trying to teach Cody to ride for the first time but also Emilee to ride with no training wheels. We live on busy street so they have only a driveway to learn to ride on. So far it is going pretty good. I was given a bike last summer but since I was major prego I never got a chance to ride it. Hopefully this summer the whole family can take the bikes to the park trail and ride.

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Rebekah said...

Im lucky to live on a street where the kids can ride. Gracie asked last night if she could take her training wheels off. I think its a bit soon but I talked her into waiting a few more weeks. (she just learned to ride and not good at breaking yet)

Good Deal on the bike!