Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Whole Day Off!

I am pretty excited about today. A whole entire day with nothing "planned". I adjusted my work schedule a bit this week so I had last night off, therefore I don't have to sleep all day. The kids are home with me and we are just enjoying the lazy day. The weather is suppose to be warm. I am trying to convince my husband to buy a swing set for the backyard. I think he might give in. I planted a bunch of flowers last weekend so the yard is starting to look pretty good. We brought in a truck load of rock for an area in the front yard but came up a bit short. Now it's back out to the rock yard for another load. See ya, enjoy the sunshine.


Delena said...

Your flowers look great! How fun to have a down day with nothing planned that you can fill up with a bunch of fun stuff! :)

Liz said...

Keep pushing your husband on the swingset! I work for a swingset company so I might be a little biased, but think your kids would love you for it. If you succeed in your persuasion (which us wives are very good at by-the-way!), check out CedarWorks when you are deciding on the right set.
Without sounding too much like a commercial I just wanted to let you know that we make very high quality sets out of Northern White Cedar that grown with your children and will be a source of entertainment for years to come. They are safe and beautiful to look at.
Have a great summer and your flowers look great!
Liz Renter

Rebekah said...

Beautiful flowers. What is the tall flower with yellow blooms in the very last picture?