Monday, August 25, 2008

Flies, feeling lucky and dreaming of the perfect getaway!

Wow, it has been a busy week. I can't believe it has been a whole week since I posted anything. What have I been doing? The plan was to go to Silverwood on Thursday, that didn't happen. It rained. Go figure! So the kids and I had to come up with plan B. We ended up going to a really cute 3-D movie called Fly Me To The Moon. It was about a couple of little flies that snuck aboard the space shuttle and witnessed Neil Armstrongs first walk on the moon. It was very cool, especially some of the 3-D scenes they did in space. I highly recommend it, very cute.

Friday I was able to have "date night" with my husband. We went out to dinner, then we were trying to think of something else to do before we returned to land of parenthood. We ended up going to a new casino in town. I am not a gambler at all but we met up with some friends there and were sitting around talking. We all decided to try our luck at pull tabs. I won $600!!!

Saturday, the kids finally were able to go to Silverwood with Grandma Cheryl. I stayed home since I had to work that evening. They had a blast! They got home after midnight, poor little boogers were exhausted. I am glad they were able to create such fun memories with their Grandma.

Sunday, I took Emilee to take care of her horse. I rode a little, she rode a little, we went for a walk. It was a lot of fun watching her take such good care of such a large animal. I was proud. This week consist of soccer practices, first day of school and packing up the camper to head to the cabin. I am super excited to get away. I love the cabin. Time stands still there. We are taking a large group with us this year, I think we ended up with 6 families. I can hardly wait.

This is what Caitlyn was like ALL WEEKEND LONG. I swore she must be sick or something so I took her to the Dr. today. Nope, nothing wrong with her physically. Just a bit emotional. Oh, I can't wait for her to be a teenager!!!!
Emilee has learned so much this summer about caring for her horse, it is amazing to watch her in action.

Emilee and Scotch, heading out for a trail walk.


The Lutz Family said...

I love the pictures of Emily with Scotch they are so great, you can just see how much she adores horses.

Rebekah said...

Congratulations on getting a Date night. And for winning big bucks

Chad the Chicken said...

DARCIE!!!!!! Congrats on winning 600 bucks! That's awesome!

Chad the Chicken said...

DARCIE!!!!!! Congrats on winning 600 bucks! That's awesome!