Monday, August 4, 2008

Silverwood 2008

5:30 AM After pushing the snooze button about 5 times I finally roll out of bed, time to get the troops ready to head out the door. Breakfast, getting dressed, packing snacks and a day bag. It doesn't look like we will be ready to leave by 6am.

6:30 AM Had to stop for fuel. About $100 to fill up.The pain of paying for gas makes it worth the trouble of cramming 7 people in a 6 passenger SUV.

6:45 AM Mom and I need a latte, as I am paying for my latte I notice I forgot the tickets. Turn around.

7:00 AM Finally on the road. Veggie Tales, Cars and Chicken Little. This is a long car ride. Thank goodness for the DVD player.
10:00 AM We made it to Idaho but the park doesn't open for another hour. We stop for a snack and playtime at Burger King.

11:00AM Finally we arrive at the park, the fun begins!!!

Afternoon: Who knows what time it is but the kids are having a blast. Cody is about an inch too short for some of the rides, he is bummed out. Why can't these workers fudge a little??? We convince Emilee to go on the Timber Terror. She went. It scared her half to death. What a trooper.
Late afternoon: Still playing hard. The kids are beginning to tire out. Time for a nice relaxing train ride.
6:30 PM Last call for rides and time to hit the souvenir shops. Grandma treats the kids to the candy shop.
7:00 PM Hit the road home. Kids are asleep within 20 min.

8:00 Stop for burgers in Ritzville. Need a break from the long boring drive. The clouds are beautiful and the sunset is gorgeous.

8:30 Back on the road. I am bored. I decide to take pictures of whatever I can find out the window.

10:00 PM Home at last, what a fun day. Thanks Mom and Dad for the trip. We look forward to it every year! Click here for the complete photo album.


Rebekah said...

What a fun-filled day. Great pictures of the family but I really like the last one with the blurry road. Very cool

Chad the Chicken said...

Ya, the last picture is the best! Pure boredom! Haha! That's cool that you and your Mom and Dad do that every year.

Chad the Chicken said...

PS - love it that you had "Chicken Little" on board too! HA!