Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summers End!

Look what I found in my pond! So beautiful!

This is our last week of summer vacation. I can hardly believe how fast this summer went. Emilee is so excited to start 1st grade. My mom and I took her school shopping last Friday. It was fun to watch her pick out her school clothes. She has so opinionated about what it is she wants to wear. No more letting mom pick out her outfits. We had a great trip, up until Emilee got the little flu bug that her brother and sister had. All day she was fine and then on the way back to Wenatchee she lost it. All over my back seat. Time for a new car I guess! Hee Hee. So the school clothes are laying out, the back pack is filled with crayons, pencils and glue sticks. Now it is just waiting. She is hoping to lose her wiggly tooth before the first day. Oh the anticipation!!!

Speaking of anticipation. Cody soccer career is finally starting. After watching Emilee play for two years now, his time as arrived. First practice is Wednesday. I can hardly wait to see him in action. It should be pretty humorous.

We are going to attempt one last trip to Silverwood on Thursday. We are leaving baby and daddy behind and heading over with my mother-in-law. The weather is looking a little iffy for Thursday so we are keeping our fingers crossed.
Other than that, it is life as normal. (I giggle as I write that, what is normal?) Two more nights to work and then two days off! The county fair is this weekend. I love the fair. Fairs make for some great photo opportunities. Check back.

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Rebekah said...

beautiful pictures. Gracie starts pre school soon and is so excited- They grow up so fast, dont they?