Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What a fun day!!!! For most....

While I was snuggled warm in my bed with dreams of sugar plums dancing in my head, the kids were off having fun, without me! How can it be???
Emilee spent the day with my dear co-worker who graciously offered to watch her while I slept. She showed Emilee a great time. I could barely get her to leave. She went sledding!!! I was totally jealous. She went on and on about how much fun she had. I was pretty happy for her. Now I just HAVE to go, I am sure Cody would love it also. I have been waiting for warmer weather and I hear there may be some in our future. We will see!
Not only did she get to go sledding but she had a tea party, and made Christmas cookies. Lucky girl!

Cody and Caitlyn also had a pretty special day. They had a Christmas party at daycare. The kids all brought gifts to exchange. Then a very special visitor showed up......

Santa came to daycare!!! Those lucky kids. As busy as the big guy is he found time to visit a daycare. What a guy!!!!
We came home and ate dinner and gave the kids a bath, it was 6:30 and Emilee was ASKING to go to bed! That is a sign of a productive day.

Photo credit: Flickr.com


Rebekah said...

Merry Christmas

Rainey said...

You make it sound like I am such a good babysitter/mom. Trust me its a once a year thing!!