Monday, December 29, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Sunday afternoon at the Wentworth's. Eric and the girls spent the morning running around town looking for Rockband for the Wii, no luck but I think we tracked one down in Idaho, (that will have to be another post,another day), Cody went to church with Grandpa and I got a little sleep. After I woke up the kids and I ventured out into the backyard in hopes of building the perfect snowman. The snow wasn't right for for snowman but we had a good time anyways. We had a snowball fight and made some snow angels. The kids lasted for a bit longer than I thought they would in the cold and then we headed indoors for a cup of warm cocoa. Next it was off to the horse stables to care for Scotch. It was too cold to ride so we just loved on him a bit. The kids wanted to go out to eat so they picked....Denny's. I was under the impression you had to be at least 65 to eat at Denny's but I was pleasantly surprised. It was pretty tasty and very inexpensive. We may go back!! (Kids eat free on Tuesdays) Then it was off to home for bedtime, well for most. I headed off to work for a long, boring night with NOTHING going on. One more night of work and then I get a week off!!!


Delena said...

Those boring nights are the WORST. Makes time stand still. I hope for some action for you but no tragedies. Just bad guys beating eachother up or something.

Queen Mimi said...

My Grandkids Love Dennys! The picture menue is awesome and things come exactly how they look. I've got a few favorites on the menu too and they even have some weight watcher items.