Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cabin 2009

We made it home from the cabin, well most of us. Eric and Emilee are still in Idaho. They will be back tomorrow. I had to work tonight and my two party animals didn't want to miss the big 4Th of July horseshoe tournament. Anyways, we had a grand ol' time. I was joking with a friend of mine up there, I told her after coming to the cabin year after year, I feel like I am taking the same pictures every year just the kids are getting bigger. Sure enough, I got home and went through the photos.....



It was a little greener this year. Actually it was absolutely beautiful. We couldn't have had better weather. This year was the easiest by far in terms of the kids. They wondered around, did there thing. Crashed at night. Even slept in a bit. I was able to sit back and relax, Whoo Hoo!!!

I took a ton of photos, but as I said...pretty much same photos-bigger kids. Your welcome to take a look if you want.


Dawn said...

You took some great photos! Your photography just keeps getting better every year along with the kids getting bigger. It looks beautiful there.

Delena said...

That's hilarious to see those pictures of Cody in the same grass. How cool, though, to watch them grow up like that.

Cheryl said...

WOW...looks like you had a great time. What wonderful pictures you took! I think you may have a second career!! Your great! Love Ya