Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cody Birthday Road Trip

This is a whopper of a post! We had a great time, lots of pictures, here is few of them....

Beautiful Seattle.

They swam in the rain.

They sang to him at the Rainforest Cafe.
Watch out for the crocodile!!!!

They sang to him at Dennys.
Push harder Trent!

Cody said he was taller now that he was 5, I think he was right.

My first attempt at cake decorating.

And we sang to Cody at home...... Happy Birthday Cody.
After all out celebrating, we manage to squeeze in a quick photo shoot with baby Ava. If your interested in checking them out hop over to my other blog.


Dawn said...

It looks like Cody had a lot of fun. Thanks for taking Trent along; I know he enjoyed the trip since he's still talking about it. :)

Dennis Hendricks said...

great photos and looks like you had a great time- I know you could not have been bored..