Friday, February 15, 2008

Do I have to go?

Yeah I think I could fit all three kids in that suitcase!
This is a good reason why we AREN'T taking the kids, this is just their stuff packed to take to grandmas and grandpas.

Cody and Mommy enjoyed one last little soak in the hot tub! This is all the vacation I really need.

I am excited to leave tomorrow but...... I want to take my kids. Emilee is not helping the issue. She said to me as I am packing my bag, "Why can't you just take us? You should spend time me us you know." Yeah that's enough to make me feel guilty enough but she went on to say, "Who is going to take care of us if you and daddy die?" Where does she get this stuff? We talked it over because I wanted to make sure that wasn't a true concern. On top of Em's guilt trip the baby is sick. She won't let me put her down, she is fighting naps and just down right cranky! I hope it's just a 24 hr bug, I would hate to leave a sick baby with my parents. Cody could care less that we are leaving. He is just so excited to stay with grandma and grandpa!


Delena said...

You know, your kids REALLY need you. Why don't you stay home and take care of them, and I'll go in your place. Really, I'd love to help out Its the least I can do. ;) Have fun. The kids will be here when you get back to welcome you with something really special - like fighting. Enjoy your get away. Soak up some rays for me. I need them.

Rebekah said...

I like Delana's idea. Stay home, there are plenty of people that would go in your place, including me.

Have a grand time. Dont worry about the kids. They'll be fine

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

My hubby and I are going away in May. I am a big advocate of getting away when you can. My hubby really encourages it. We have parents willing to babysit, and all three groups usually benefit.

I hope that you have a great trip and don't worry a bit.