Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Another Day!

Life is back to normal. I am in the middle of my long work week. Things are surprisingly slow. Usually when the weather starts to warm up a bit the bad guys come out of the wood work and we keep rather busy.
Caitlyn is in her second week of daycare. Daycare told me today she doesn't eat anything all day, doesn't nap and is pretty much is cranky all day. They thought she might have an ear infection so I took her in to get checked out, she's fine! I think she is just adjusting to starting daycare and recovering from mommy deserting her all last week.
Today I bought Wiggle tickets for Cody and I. I took Emilee twice when she was younger but this will be Cody's first concert. He is pretty excited about it.It will be great to spend some quality time just me and my little guy.
That is about it for now. Later!


Dawn said...

How fun for Cody to get to have special time with you at a Wiggles concert. I bet that will mean so much to him. I need to do more things like that with just one kid at a time to help them feel special. Thanks for the t-shirts, the kids loved them.

Rebekah said...

Beautiful flower. I love the color

Rainey said...

That was one of my favorite pics! Welcome home, see you Wed.

Delena said...

Brooklyn still talks about going to Chuck-E-Cheese! I think that made more of an impact than the Wiggles. ;) Enjoy!