Monday, March 3, 2008

Pink Eye Person

So today was a fairly typical morning. We were running late as usual so I was running around like a mad lady trying to get all three kids dressed, fed and out the door. I go to drop off Cody at preschool and I hear " Cody, what's wrong with your eye?". Sure enough I look at him and his eye is pink and puffy. Pink eye. Feeling like a terrible mom for not noticing it before I dropped him off I explained he would not be staying and assured the teacher we would take him in and get it treated. All the way home I was staring at him in the rear view window and all I could think about was a distant memory of mine from my childhood. It was our family vacation in Canada and I was probably 7 years old. I somehow got pink eye and my brother and his friend decided to yell across the whole camp site "Darcie is a pink eye person, Darcie is a pink eye person." I was traumatized. And now 20 some years later my son is now falling in my footsteps as my "little pink eye person".

On a separate note, I am using the pink eye as an excuse to take the baby back into the doctor. I am standing by my gut instinct that something is not right with her. I had her in last week and they assured me she is fine. I disagree. She is still stuffy, still coughing, her eyes are puffy and crusted over, she has had a fever for the last two nights reaching 103, she barely sleeps, barely eats and she still cries all day, everyday at daycare. I don't think that she is fine, maybe I am paranoid.

Cody was not too upset about staying home today, he got to play with his train set.


The Lutz Family said...

Your kids have the cutest cheeks! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Dawn said...

I remember that incident at the campground, I didn't realize it traumatized you so much. I'm sorry your kids aren't feeling well. It's good to go with your instinct about Caitlyn, you're not paranoid at all.