Sunday, August 1, 2010


I am starting a new challenge today. One photo (or more) each day for the entire month. The hope is to improve upon my photography skills while doing a better job of documenting what's going on in our daily lives. Wish me luck. Day one- Home.
We spend the weekend camping. Tent camping. We had a great time. Survived a thunderstorm that was literally feet away from us. I have never been that close to lightening, it was amazing to watch but just a tad bit scary. We stayed at Daroga park. Funny because I have sworn up and down I would never stay at that park ever again. It is a campsite in which you have to walk all your belongings into the park by wheelbarrow. A LONG walk! It is a beautiful park but with three kids we had A LOT of stuff and it is just so inconvenient. Overall, a great trip but so good to be home.

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Rainey said...

Doing the challenge? Good for you! Sorry we missed the camping trip ... Especially Girl Time ;)