Monday, August 16, 2010


A lazy evening. Nice weather, a big backyard, an active imagination all adds up to hours of entertainment for my kids. And for me as well. I could think of no where else I would have rather been then sitting in my porch watching these guys play. We had "breakfast" for dinner. It was Caitlyn's idea. She woke up with the idea of having oatmeal for dinner. 8 hours later she was still asking for oatmeal, why not? Oatmeal, muffins and scrambled eggs. Yum! My parents came over to play with the kids. Emilee needed to show off her tree climbing skills. I tried not to have a heart attack as I watched her climb up, up, and up a little farther. Yikes. Funny thing is as she was climbing up the tree all I could see is her brightly painted fingernails.

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