Thursday, August 12, 2010


Great day so far. Caitlyn went to daycare and Emilee is stilling hanging out with her friend so it was just Cody and I this morning. What a sweet boy I have. I was woken (after a mere 1.5 hrs of sleeping) by a fresh cup of coffee and a trumpet blaring. The coffee part was sweet, maybe not the trumpet part so much. He came into my room, "Mommy, I made you coffee. I know it is hard to wake up so I thought I would help you." So up and at 'em I was. He had big plans to go buy Heely shoes today(tennis shoes that convert to skates). Heely shoes are spendy, I don't even know where to find them locally so we settled for a trip to the dollar store. Next it was off to Great Clips for a much needed haircut for my handsome little guy. They did ok. Not as great as last time but hair grows quickly so I don't mind too much. Next it was back to the house for lunch time and mommy needed a nap. A simple day, but a blessing. I love my little guy.

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Dawn said...

I think I've seen Heelies at the shoe store by Old Navy. ;)