Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Face of a 6 Month Old

This is a typical face for Caitlyn lately. Every time you look at her she gets a huge smile and then out comes the tongue. Too cute! I can hardly believe my baby is 6 months old already. Did you notice the pink hair. The kids got a kick out of that. Let me fill you in on where this pink hair came from. We have a friend, and every year for Christmas he does his best to find the best present for my kids in which Eric and I will hate the most. Last year, a huge gum ball machine. This year, Emilee received a hair dying kit (for kids). It is all washable but it is soooo messy! Cody got a Spider man web blaster. It shoots silly string all over the house! NICE.

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Dawn said...

I love that sweet little face! Can I come over and kiss her little cheeks?