Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Year in Review!

It's 2008! Where does time go. With a new year ahead of us I took a moment to reflect on the previous year. What a great year it was. Here is some photos that capture the year. Also some links of post from the past.

We welcomed baby number three! What a change, going from two kids to three is huge! What a blessing our little Caitlyn has been to us. I can't hardly remember life before this precious little baby.
2007 was definitely the year of babies. Chris and Meredith welcome little baby Sadie. 2008 will be bringing at least one more very special baby, more details to come when I am at liberty to share!
Devon and Karrie welcomed baby Aubrey this October. What a special baby. We have claimed her as our adopted niece.
We moved! Yup, again. We put our house on the marked in June. We had a open house the same day it was put on the market and it sold in 1 hour. We bought a slightly larger house across the river and are loving it. So much space (so much to clean!).

Cody started preschool. He is doing so good. Learning is numbers, shapes, colors and making many new friends.
Emilee started kindergarten this year. She also is doing very well. A bit social, (imagine that) but learning a lot.
We spent a week at the cabin in Idaho along with Uncle Shawn, Aunt Molly, Grandpa Stan and Grandma Gail. We had a great time. We were able to take our new camper! The kids had such a good time running wild.

We took our annual trip to Silverwood. A bit much for a family with a 1 month old baby but the kids had a blast and we made some great memories!

Emilee played spring soccer. She did AWESOME. She has a real competitive spirit so she really excelled this year.

This kids got a new kitten. Baby Bella. She is the most patient cat I have ever met. She is constantly being held down, put on a leash, dressed up, chased around, put into purses, and hugged until she can't breath.

Anyways, what a great year. I would like to take this time to take my many loyal blog readers (all 5 of you) for taking time to read about my crazy life. I started blogging this year mainly just to keep family up to date on the happening of me, my kids and such. The experience has turned out to be so rewarding. What a great way to document moments, things said, memories made, life! Stay tuned much more to come in 2008.

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Dawn said...

Happy New Year Darcie. I'm so glad you started blogging- even with life so crazy busy, I feel like I can keep in touch with you this way. I love all the cute photos you post.