Sunday, December 30, 2007

Family, Relaxing and Dreams of VACATION!

Wow, I haven't posted anything since Wednesday! What have I been up to. Eric's brother and his wife are visiting. That has been so much fun. It is almost like having a live in nanny. The kids love having them around. Emilee said to me the other day,
" I wish Molly was my aunt."
I replied "She is your aunt".
"Well she doesn't live here, aunts are suppose to live here with us."

Cody insist on calling his Uncle Shawn "Shawny". Every thing is Shawny this and Shawny that. There is a whole lot of wrestling going on around here and never a quite moment. I love having a full house, there is never a dull moment!

Well we broke down and booked our vacation. We are headed off to sunny Hawaii the end of next month. So any of you loyal readers who are looking to adopt a child or two, or three, I am looking for a loving home for my rug rats for a few days. I was really excited until we officially booked it and then I started panicking. The thought of leaving my kids is sorta freaking me out, especially the baby. I know that a trip with just Eric and I will be really good for us. With three kids it is very hard to find any time for just us so. Hopefully, I will get over my separation anxiety and enjoy my time!

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