Monday, December 17, 2007

45 Little Facts About Cody....

Remember this post? Now it's Codys turn so sit back and relax and learn a little about my favorite little guy. ( I know Emilee's was 75 facts, but Cody is two years younger, give me two years and I will be able to come up with all 75)

1.Cody is so sensitive, caring, nurturing, and yes cries at the drop of a hat.
2.Cody burst into tears everytime that Emilee get her seat belt on before he does. ( It's a race????)
3.Everything is a race for Cody, he wears shoes with flames on them everyday now because he is convinced they make him faster.
4.He may want to be fast but when we are trying to get ready for school in the morning his speed is suddenly gone.
5.Cody goes to preschool three days a week, and LOVES it.
6.Cody can recognize most every letter and will point them out as we are driving.
7.Cody loves the fact that his name starts with C and so does his baby sister name. We hear about this most everyday!!!
8.Cody adores his baby sister.
9.First thing in the morning Cody goes into Caitlyn’s room and makes faces at his sister in her crib.
10.Cody calls his baby sister BooBoo.
11.Cody adores his older sister as well.
12.Cody picked out a Christmas present for Emilee, I have never had the kids get presents for each others, I was waiting until it was their idea.
13.Cody is my first kid to request buying a gift for somebody else.
14.Cody has had to buy Emilee something before. A coloring book in which he cut to pieces with his scissors.
15.He used his own money out of his piggy bank.
16.Cody really has no concept of money yet, he told me yesterday at Target that we could just get some more from the cash register.
17.Target is Cody's favorite store, he gets that from Mommy.
18.Cody will gladly shop with Mommy whenever, but like most men gets bored quickly.
19.Cody misbehaves when he starts to get bored.
20.By misbehaving he just gets extremely silly. Loud and restless.
21.Restaruants is a common place for this behavior.
22.His silliness will rub off on Emilee and then I have twice the naughtiness.
23.This is very common when we do lunch with Grandma.
24.Cody usually has lunch with Grandma once a week.
25.Cody is lucky to have three Grandmas in town.
26.His other Grandma recently bought him a Polar Express Train.
27.She keeps it at her house so everyday I hear "Can I go to Grandmas to play with the train?"
28.Today Cody is spending the afternoon with Grandma Cheryl.
29.Cheryl never makes him take naps.
30.Cody is a bear when he misses nap time.
31.Cody informed me yesterday "I don't take naps anymore"
32.This is soooo not true. Cody NEEDS naps.
33.Cody is my one child who requires a lot of sleep.
34.He gets that from mommy too!
35.Cody is most like mommy, so Daddy and him often clash in personalities.
36.Cody does adore is daddy though.
37.Cody loves to wrestle with daddy, he has a move called "the flamingo"
38.It's a karate kid kind of move, he learned from his Uncle Shawn.
39.Uncle Shawn took Cody shooting.
40.Cody at the age of three already has four pretend guns and two real ones.
41.Cody is a member of the NRA.
42.That was a gift from his Grandpa Stan.
43.Cody doesn't really know what it means to be a member, but likes getting stuff in the mail.
44.He recognizes his name on the letter and gets excited.
45."There is a C for Cody, Caitlyn’s name starts with C too!"

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Dawn said...

That was cute and I learned some new things about Cody also. He sure is a great little kid.