Sunday, September 30, 2007

75 little facts about Emilee...

  1. Emilee has just started kindergarten this year
  2. PE is one of Emilee's favorite classes at school.
  3. Her PE teacher is my best friend from high schools mom. (Mrs. Gibson)
  4. Emilee's best friend at school is Josie.
  5. Josie just so happens to also be on her soccer team.
  6. Emilee is playing her second season of soccer and loves it.
  7. We had to buy new soccer shoes because her feet grew two sizes in 3 months.
  8. We will also have to buy many more shoes because Emilee has a shoe obsession, mainly boots.
  9. Emilee owns 6 pairs of boots.
  10. She likes them because she wants to be a cowgirl. So she can ride a horse.
  11. Emilee loves horses, someday she says she will have one.
  12. Grandma Cheryl promised to buy her a pony someday...
  13. Emilee loves to spend time with her Grandma Cheryl but also loves to spend time with her other grandparents.
  14. She is lucky enough to have all her grandparents living in Wenatchee.
  15. Grandma and Grandpa Hendricks usually spend Fridays with Emilee.
  16. Fridays are Emilee's favorite because she gets to stay up late.
  17. "Uncle" Devon usually comes to visit on Friday nights.
  18. Devon is having a new baby any day.
  19. Emilee is very excited for the new baby, she wants Cody to marry the new baby.
  20. Cody and Emilee always tease each other about who they will marry.
  21. Emilee used to want to marry Cody, and her dad.
  22. Emilee favorite things to do with her dad is wrestle or maybe to take the dogs up in the mountains.
  23. Emilee has two St. Bernard dogs, Sam and Missy
  24. We got Sam when Emilee was three.
  25. When Emilee was three she used to make up stories.
  26. She told everyone that her daddy through her into the garbage can.
  27. Emilee gets mad when she finds her art work in the garbage can.
  28. Emilee makes probably 3-4 coloring pages or drawing a day.
  29. All artwork should go on the fridge according to Emilee.
  30. Out fridge is covered in art and photos.
  31. Emilee favorite photo ion the fridge is of her with Sam and Breezy at the Cougar football game.
  32. Emilee is a big Cougar fan, as is the rest of the Wentworth family.
  33. Uncle Shawn buys Emilee a Cougar outfit each year.
  34. Emilee loves to visit Uncle Shawn in Idaho.
  35. Someday Emilee wants to move to Idaho so she can go to school with Maisy.
  36. Maisy is a distant cousin that is the same age as Emilee.
  37. Emilee is 5 years old.
  38. 5 is also the number of goals that Emilee scored in one soccer game
  39. Soccer is the second activity that we have put Emilee into, the first being dance
  40. Emilee got bored with dance class.
  41. Emilee also got bored on the little kid ride at Silverwood.
  42. Emilee goes to Silverwood every year a lot of the extended family.
  43. The trip is a Christmas gift from grandpa Dennis every year.
  44. Christmas is always a huge event every year for Emilee.
  45. She usually gets more gifts than she know what to do with.
  46. Emilee's favorite gift last year was a huge 3ft toy pony who really interacts with her.
  47. Emilee has a whole bedroom full of ponies.
  48. We had to change the decor from princess theme to horse theme.
  49. Emilee used to be obsessed with everything princess.
  50. She owned every Disney Princess costume they made.
  51. She once believed that when she got older she would attend princess school.
  52. She doesn't attend princess school but she does attend Robert E. Lee
  53. Originally we planned on her attending a private catholic school, but we moved to a better school district.
  54. Emilee has moved three times in her life.
  55. She likes this house but says she wants to buy a new house with a swimming pool.
  56. Emilee also loves swimming.
  57. One of her favorite places to go is the water slides.
  58. Emilee was told she couldn't go down the big slide because she was too little.
  59. This made Emilee very sad.
  60. Emilee often gets sad about stuff that happened years ago, stuff we didn't think she would remember.
  61. She cries about our dog running away.
  62. The dog was named Chase.
  63. She also named her favorite stuffed dog Chase.
  64. Emilee gave her Chase stuffed dog to her baby sister.
  65. Emilee's little sister name is Caitlyn.
  66. Emilee wanted to name her sister Hannah Montana
  67. Emilee's favorite show on Disney Channel is Hannah Montana.
  68. Hannah Montana was at Disneyland when we were here last year, at the time we didn't know who she was.
  69. Emilee would agree that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth.
  70. Emilee would probably be happy wherever she was on earth.
  71. Emilee is happiest when she is around her friends and family.
  72. Only a truly good friend would read 75 random facts about a five year old.
  73. You have made it to 73, you are almost there.
  74. Emilee loves you...
  75. Thanks for reading!!!!!


Dawn said...

That was fun; I even learned a few things I didn't know about her.

Dennis said...

It takes a special mom who knows that about her children! Its called LOVE.