Tuesday, September 11, 2007

3 things about Cody....

Here is a three things list to help you get to know my favorite three year old.

Three things Cody loves:
Bubblegum, Power Rangers, and wrestling with daddy.
Three things that scare Cody:
Birds, loud noises and fire.
Cody's three favorite foods:
Pizza, string cheese and french fries.
Cody's girlfriends, yes there are three:
Mikael (22), Addison (10 months) and Molly(2 ).
Cody's must haves for bed:
Teddy bear, blue blanket, and his sports blanket.
Cody's favorite movies:
Toy Story, Bob the Builder, and The Wiggles.
Three things Cody dislikes:
Going to bed, getting his haircut and eating vegetables.
Cody's three favorite restaurants:
McDonald's, Red Robin and Mexican Food.
Cody's favorite phrases:
"I'm just kidding", "Never mind" and "Who cares?"
Cody's naughty habits:
Unrolling the toilet paper from the roll, whining and annoying his sisters.
Cody's most loving moments:
Sitting with mommy each morning while I put on my make up, hugging and kissing on his baby sister, and waking up in the morning and telling me he dreamed about me.

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Rainey said...

DW this is precious, I am going to borrow it!