Friday, September 14, 2007

Chase Lives!

For you who don't know who Chase is, he is a little stuffed dog that we got from Starbucks when Emilee was a baby. He was an instant favorite and went everywhere with her. We bought an extra one just in case Chase ever disappeared. It's a good thing we did because Chase was left at Disneyland last year. Chase II took his place in Emilee's heart and even though she left him home he still had a place next to her each night at bedtime.
Today, Chase II got a new owner. Emilee decided it would be okay for baby Caitlyn to take care of Chase II. I was very touched by this act of kindness, a very generous act considering the history between these two. It makes me a little sad to know Emilee is ready to give up her "lovey", however I think he will be very happy with his new owner.

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