Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Quick Update!

This is our poor kitty,Liberty. Emilee got a hold of her. This is quite common to see one of our pets with clothes on!

Christmas is approaching FAST! I have a few things left to buy, a house to clean, gifts to wrap and wouldn't you know it the FLU!!!! I am on the mend though, I took one of work night off and felt incredibly guilty about it. If I am not there that means somebody else needs to be there in my place and I know nobody wants extra hours this close to Christmas. Anyways, I will go back tonight, Sunday and a few hours on Monday. I am looking forward to Christmas though. Such a happy time of the year. My kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement. Looks like this year we will do what was suppose to be a quite Christmas Eve at home, Ha! Well, my mother-in-law is coming so it will be everything but small and quite. Apparently she has not only arranged for Santa to stop by and see the kids but Mrs. Clause as well. Where does she find this stuff??? I was going to have it be just the kids and Eric's mom but since Santa is coming we invited a friend of ours who has a little girl who would get a kick out of seeing the jolly guy in red. Tuesday morning we will spend with my family. We decided to have Christmas at our house this year, I am pretty excited. I love having a full house. Wednesday, Shawn and Molly are coming into town so we are going to do yet another Christmas with them and Eric's dad and step mom. Finally, we will do a Christmas with our close knit group or friends, we haven't scheduled that yet, I thought we would wait to see how everything else pans out. Well instead of whining about how much I have to do I peel myself away from my laptop and actually do something! So goodbye for now and Merry Christmas if I don't blog again before the big day!

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