Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Year!

The relatives are gone. The kids are back in school. The Christmas decorations are put away. Things are pretty much back to normal. I feel a bit sad. There is always that slight letdown after the holidays. All that preparation, all the excitement and anticipation, its over! It is nice to think of the year ahead. What will it bring? What will I accomplish? I have set a few goals for myself, nothing big or anything.

  • Drop a few of those pesky pregnancy pounds. Original I know! Hawaii is just a month away, I got to get on it!

  • Prioritize my time a bit better. Learning to juggle family and work life is always tough but I really would like to spend more one on one time with my kids and my husband.
  • Take a photography class. I have been talking about it forever, this is the year! Passion for photography will only take you so far, a little education can't hurt.
So there you have it, short and sweet. What about you? Any New Year resolutions?

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Meleah the Mommy said...

Darcie - I finally responded to your tag from the meme back on Nov 17th. I am a dolt and completely forgot until now. Feel free to check it out on my blog. I personally think my post is lame, but I have been feeling very uninspired blogwise recently. I think the NaBloPoMo and holiday combo just knocked all the blog love right out of me. Happy New Year and best of luck with all your resolutions. I am so excited for you to go to Hawaii!