Thursday, November 6, 2008

A beautiful RAINY day!

Well no snow today but it is a beautiful, rainy, fall day. It is gloomy, chilly and the fall colors look stunning against the gray sky. A perfect day for someone who works night to sleep right? Normally yes, but not today. Caitlyn stayed home from daycare so I could take her into her 15 month check up (note she is 17 months old. How is that for timeliness?) She is growing wonderfully and developing right on track. The doctor is trying to figure out a few things with some digestion problems she is having so he is having me collect stool samples for some tests. A sample each day and they have to be taken to the lab fairly soon after I collect them. We arrive home, I am hopeful for a nap. We both lay down. Ten minutes later she is crying in her crib. I check on her. She is poopy. Time for sample number one. I dig through her diaper collect what I need and it's off to the lab all the way across town. I of course can't find a parking spot within a mile of the lab. It is raining. I truck across the parking lot with my cranky child and her poop. Oh the things we do for our children! Good news is I don't work tonight. My wonderful husband has offered to take Emilee to horseback riding lessons and will probably come home with a nice healthy dinner of McDonald's or something. What a guy! So into my sweats I go for a full evening of absolutely nothing. I LOVE IT!
I was just thinking.... I fail to write for over a month and I finally get back to my blog and my topic: POOP! Oh my poor readers. I am sorry!


Rainey said...

Yes, the things we do. Thank goodness for our hubbys tho, at least the kids will eat tonight :)

Delena said...

What an entertaining posting. Glad I'm not in your shoes! Sounds like chaos. Enjoy your down time. :)

Queen Mimi said...

You could tell yourself that she's Early for her 18 month check up.
Love the pics BTW

Rebekah said...

I love the pictures. I've taken a few rearview pictures- they are neat.

Hope you had a relaxing evening.